Reusable. Long-lasting. Capture memories, forever.

Supreme has finally released a branded camera in collaboration with one of the oldest and most reputable camera brands, Yashica, founded in Japan in 1949. If taking pictures is a hobby of yours, this could be one of the most exciting items to add to your collection.

Re-use this non-disposable camera with 50-click rolls of 35mm film that can cost you as low as $5 per roll.

Supreme®/Yashica MF-1 Camera
Only $130 with free US tracked shipping.

Unexpected clicks

Snap in-the-moment pictures in bright colors to capture the moments you won’t want to forget. With the MF-1’s 31mm lens with fixed f/11 aperture and shutter around 1/120, you can catch moments in action.

From dusk ’til dawn

Capture city lights, city skylines or city ambiances even in low-light settings. The lens exposure of the film camera captures all the available light to give the images a life of their own.

Motion vibe

Give your photography an edgy, motion-filled look. The MF-1 camera’s f/11 aperture captures a crisp image when you aren’t moving and a blurry edgy picture when you want to give it a little motion.

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